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#10 - Princess Zelda (Hyrule Warriors Ver.)

"I didn’t think I would get to cosplay such a legendary princess! This one took a long time to put together.”

Luna socks by rainbownspeedash
Winter Dash by Strangeside
Celestia in socks by CJvselinmortal
Wet Mane Sunset by Radioactive-K
Yes, girls, friendship is magic by AveStyaz
EG Octavia by KateQuantum
Boring.. by Marenlicious
I’ll Keep You… by LickleSoxy
Shycedes by UniSoLeiL
Ready for Take Off by MykeGreywolf
Ponies by Seiga
What’re YOU Lookin’ At, Dweeb? by TheDoggyGal
Babu Mac by WillisNinety-Six
He’s just a cutie by Fawnex